Disc Connection Mølleparken Open 2014
DDGU Danish Tour #6
PDGA EuroChallenge Tour, C-tier
Mølleparken, Taastrup, 16/8-2014
We play by the PDGA rules. There will be NO 2-meter out-of-bounds rule in effect for this tournament.

NB: Please note, that no alcohol is to be consumed before, between and during the rounds on Saturday and Sunday. We also ask you to limit smoking to a minimum to show the public, that we are a sport that wants to be taken seriously.

All tees are clearly marked with tee signs and sprayed lines.
White tees are to be played in Open and Master divisions - all other divisions play yellow tee.

Round starts
2 minutes ahead of the start of all rounds (except in the finals) there will be repeated signals. No practice throws are allowed after these signals (§804.02 in the PDGA rules).
The actual round start is announced by a long horn signal. It is not allowed to start until the signal has sounded.

We also stress the 30 second rule (§801.03A in the PDGA rules) and the 3 minute rule (§803.11A in the PDGA rules), so that we will be able to stay on schedule.
If the tournament has to be temporarily delayed, for example in case of a thunderstorm, this will be signalled with repeated long signals.

The first player in each group is responsible for the group's scorecards. This includes making sure that the scorecards are taken with the group on the round and that the scorecards are returned to the tournament center after the round, so that the staff can start processing the results. Note: It is important that you return the scorecards as soon as possible after it is signed by all players.

Please review all scoring procedures in the rules (§804.03) to prevent incorrect scorecards and the resulting penalty throws.

Tournament center
The place of the tournament center is at the "Taastrup Spejder" area. Everything from registration, handing out scorecards, lunch and prize ceremonies will take place here.
See the Tournament area map for the location of the tournament center.

Toilets and drinking water
There are toilets and drinking water at the tournament center.

The results and groupings will continuously be updated on the leaderboard.

Disc Connection will be selling discs and other merchandise during the tournament.

The final 9 holes are played by the top 4 in each division, where at least 4 players signed up (only 2 players needed for finals in in Women/FPO and Grandmasters/MPG though).

Sudden deaths
Possible sudden deaths among more than 4 finalists are played in a special way:
All tied places start in the final and play sudden death "on the way". They will continuously drop out, until there are 4 players, who play the remaining of the final to the end.
Players A, B and C are on the 3 first places, while player D, E and F are tied for 4th. All six players start in the final. Players A, B and C have already secured their spot to play all 9 final hoes, while players D, E and F play sudden death "on the way" for the last place.
Players D and E get a 3 on the first final hole, while player F gets a 4 and thereby must drop out. On second and third final hole, players D and E still get 3's and are still in the running. Not until the fourth final hole player E is securing his place in the rest of the final with a 3 towards player D's 5 - player D drops out.
Players A, B, C and E thereby play the remaining 5 final holes to the end.

Sudden deaths among first places in the end standings are resolved on holes 7, 2 and 8 - and if a winner is not found yet: CTP on hole 8.

HIO is played during rounds 1 and 2. All HIO will receive prizes (sponsored merchandise).

CTP is played during rounds 1 and 2 on hole 4. There will be one sponsored merchandise prize for the CTP of white tee players and one prize for the CTP of yellow tee players respectively for the best shot on each of those tees during the first 2 rounds. If a hole-in-one is made on the CTP hole, it will count as a hole-in-one, and not as a CTP. You will therefore get the prize for the hole-in-one instead.

Note: Prizes for ALL hole-in-ones and closest-to-pin will be distributed at the prize ceremony after the tournament!

Tournament Director
Søren Ivø, si@discconnection.dk - mobile: +45 61 65 10 91.


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