Disc Connection Mølleparken Open 2014
DDGU Danish Tour #6
PDGA EuroChallenge Tour, C-tier
Mølleparken, Taastrup, 16/8-2014

The course is laid out in a beautiful park with well trimmed grass and is for Disc Connection Mølleparken Open modified to meet tournament players' needs. There are 9 holes with both open, wooded and narrow terrain with a stream and a lake in play.

White tees are to be played in Open and Master divisions - all other divisions play yellow tee.

There are no OB-lines/texts marked on the course map, since this can be very confusing considering all the OB on the course! Please instead read the OB rules in the text below for each hole and pay attention at the players meeting.

Hole White tee Yellow tee Par Rules/comments
1 78 m. 68 m. 3 OB in the stream + in the lake
2 82 m. 64 m. 3 OB if drive doensn't land on the "island" (the grass area with the basket surrounded by paths, road and private gardens). Use dropzone with one penalty, each time you don't land on the island. When you have landed on the island, all consecutive OBs is treated as normal OB
3 105 m. 75 m. 3 OB on and to left of the path (ONLY OB ON THE PATH TO THE LEFT) + in the stream and behind the stream
4 76 m. 56 m. 3 OB on and beyond the path behind the basket
5 186 m. 160 m. 4 OB on the car road and to the right of the car road + OB on the small path in the last part of the hole and to the right of the small path + in the stream. Mandatory in the "gate" between the marked trees and the stick in the top. Missed mandatory: Play from dropzone with one penalty
6 92 m. 80 m. 3 OB behind the fence to the right + in the stream
7 93 m. 82 m. 3 OB in the stream + in the lake + on and to left of the path
8 78 m. 57 m. 3 OB on and to left of the path + in the stream + behind the fence behind/to the right of the basket
9 112 m. 90 m. 3 OB in the lake + in the gardens + on and to the right of the path
Total 902 m. 732 m. 28

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You can also download a PDF-version of the course map here (1,4 MB).


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